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Agile workshop

2 times a year we organize company workshops which are technology agnostic. These workshops focus on the non-technical aspects of the IT engineering profession. The first company workshop of 2022 was about Agile and given by Ben Linders.

Ben Linders

Ben Linders is a known name in the IT industry in Holland. He is specialized in agile, lean and continuous improvement. He has written multiple books about these topics. Ben is Speaker, author, trainer, coach and advisor. He is also an editor for InfoQ.


For this workshop we went to van der Valk in Haarlem. The room, the lunch and the drinks we held at the venue and it all was done really well.

Agile workshop

All our engineers are working in Agile teams so the workshop was not about doing Agile. This workshop dived into aspects of being agile and becoming more effective with an Agile mindset.

The workshop combined theoretical parts with “mini games” in which teams had to be created to work together on specific tasks.

Next are a few pictures of the teams while being busy with the mini games and presenting their results to the group.

The agile principles minigame

The agile principles minigame

Communication challenges minigame

Presenting the team results

Reducing virtual distancing minigame

presenting with passion; you are doing it right!

heavy lifting


Finalizing a wonderful day

At the end of the workshop we put Marc in the spotlights and thanked him for everything he did with us. We wish him a bright future.

We ended with drinks and bites while we could ask anything to Ben (and each other.)

We want to thank all for participating with so much energy and drive! We want to thank Ben Linders for the workshop, the content, the guidance and teachings. We all learned a lot during the day!