Month in review: June 2022

Welcome at our Monthly review for last month: June! In this post we share highlights of the things we did last month. To spoil things a little already; we did a lot!


We first want to congratulate Abdul and Bridget with their son Khalid! We were anxiously waiting for the big moment with the whole company. He wears our small gift like a king!

Two of our new colleagues shared their interview with us. If you haven’t met Mahdi and Rajat, or didn’t see their interview yet, now is the time!


Our Kubernetes and SRE guru Ehsan wrote an interesting post about Kubernetes patterns and anti-patterns. A "must read" for all who work with Kubernetes.

Our DevOps teamlead Menno wrote an interesting post about how to securely work with Azure and Azure DevOps. If you want to run publicly hosted agents with Azure in a secure way, read his post here.


We want to congratulate Peyman and Kayvan with acquiring the Azure fundamentals certification. Keep pushing guys!


Continuous learning and growing is important if you work in the IT industry. We attended quite some conferences in June and shared our take-aways in several posts:

jSpring 2022, organized by the Dutch Java User group, held in Utrecht.

Future Tech
Future Tech 2022, also held in Utrecht.

DevOpsDays 2022, held in Amsterdam.

techspire events

We received new shirts for which we asked a professional model to show it. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

We held another game night where the burito game made one of us head-bump our office tree. No one was hurt in the process and yes, the tree is okay.

Our end of month drinks were organized by Chieh this time who organized an authentic Braai including Springbokkie cocktails, Biltong, Boerewors and Home made Malva pudding. Thanks to his lovely wife for helping Chieh with all preparations!

Techspire Nederland

We founded Techspire Nederland, a STAK, shared equity and launched our equity portal via the share council. This whole exercise took us over a year to complete due to many complicating factors. Thanks to Ernest (Accountant), Quintus (Sharecouncil), Mark (Notary) and a lot of patience from our leads we were able to finalize it!