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introducing Andrew

who are you?

I am Andrew Bolt, a dedicated full-stack Java engineer with a rich and diverse background. Originally from Ireland, I’ve had the unique opportunity to immerse myself in various cultures and work environments, thanks to my time living in Singapore, Turkey and studying in Maastricht. My approach to software development is deeply influenced by the blend of these experiences, allowing me to bring a unique perspective to every project. I’m passionate about creating efficient, user-friendly applications, and I thrive on tackling complex problems with creative solutions.

What would you like people to know about you?

One of the core aspects of my personality is my love for adventure. This passion for exploring the unknown has not only shaped my personal life but also deeply influenced my professional journey. From the rolling hills of Ireland, where I grew up, to the dynamic cityscape of Singapore and my travels over the world, each place has offered me unique challenges and adventures. In my work, this love for adventure translates into a fearless approach to technology and problem-solving, always eager to explore new programming languages and innovative solutions. Whether it’s delving into complex coding puzzles or embracing the vibrant cultures of the places I’ve lived, my life is a continuous journey of discovery and learning.

do you have a life motto? what is it?

Yes, my life motto is ‘A man’s gotta have a code.’ This simple yet profound principle guides me in both my personal and professional life. It embodies my belief in having a set of core values and principles that I adhere to, no matter the circumstances. In my career as a full-stack Java engineer, this means maintaining integrity, striving for excellence, and being committed to continuous learning and improvement. In my personal life, it translates to living with honesty, respecting others, and always being true to myself. This motto serves as a compass, helping me navigate through life’s challenges and decisions, ensuring that my actions are always aligned with my fundamental beliefs and values.

Do you have interesting hobbies?

Yes, I have a couple of hobbies that I’m really passionate about: mountain biking and playing Warhammer. Mountain biking is a thrilling way for me to connect with nature and test my physical limits. There’s nothing quite like the rush of navigating through rugged trails and challenging terrains, feeling the wind and the adrenaline. It’s a great way to clear my mind and stay fit. On the other hand, Warhammer offers me a completely different kind of escape. It’s a fascinating tabletop strategy game that combines detailed modeling, intricate lore, and tactical gameplay. Building, painting, and strategizing with my Warhammer miniatures is a creative outlet for me, allowing me to immerse myself in a rich fantasy world. Both of these hobbies, though vastly different, provide me with a balanced mix of physical activity and creative expression, enriching my life in unique ways.

Any bloopers in the past you would like to share?

Oh, absolutely! There was this one time that could easily qualify for a comedy script. I was all set for a trip, bags packed, ready for what I thought was a flight to Korea. Imagine my surprise when I landed, expecting to see the bustling streets of Seoul, only to find out I had actually booked a flight to Guangzhou, China! The mix-up could’ve been from wishful thinking about Korean BBQ. The airport staff must have seen the confusion on my face, which probably read, ‘This doesn’t look like the K-dramas I’ve watched.’

What is the most “nerdy thing” about you?

For me, Warhammer 40K is more than just a game; it’s a window into a complex, darkly imaginative universe. I love theorizing about the lore and consuming the various literature that’s out there, having comfortably read at least 100 books in the universe by now. But the really nerdy thing about it is, I gave up collecting and playing the game years ago, so for some reason I am still buying books about a tabletop game without ever playing the game. 

With what it problem should the person who read this, contact you immediately, as you cannot wait to solve it?

If you’re facing a database failure or experiencing performance lag, I’m the person to call, and I absolutely cannot wait to dive into solving these issues. Database failures, whether they involve corrupted data, connectivity issues, or server downtimes, are like intricate puzzles that I am eager to piece together. The challenge of diagnosing and rectifying a failing system is something I thrive on. As for performance lags, optimizing systems to run at their peak efficiency is a task I find immensely satisfying. Whether it’s streamlining queries, tweaking configurations, or overhauling system architecture, I relish the opportunity to turn a sluggish system into a high-performance engine. My expertise and passion lie in transforming these complex, headache-inducing problems into streamlined, efficient solutions.

Tell us any (weird) fun fact about you?

A fun fact about me that some might find a bit weird is my enduring belief in the significance of the Gezi Park protests. I’ve always been fascinated by social movements and the power of collective action, and during my time in Turkey I participated in the Gezi Park protests. I remember watching people rollerblade around a truck that shot water acid at us, the old bakery lady who hid us when the cops were chasing us at 4am and the kurdish food vendors who kept on selling even when they got teargassed. I recall how I couldn’t breathe or see well when I first got hit by tear gassed, and how heroes like talcid-man saved people like me from the coming violence. 

Despite the passage of time, I still hold a deep-seated belief in the ideals and spirit of those protests. The battle for the park was won, preserving that small yet significant patch of green space, proof collective action can make a difference, even in the face of tyranny. This event has shaped a lot of my perspectives on civic engagement and the importance of standing up for what you believe in. It’s a reminder of the enduring impact of public dissent and the importance of voicing one’s opinions, no matter how challenging the circumstances might be. So, while some may see it as a mere historical event, for me, it remains a source of inspiration and a testament to the power of collective action and resilience. 

Why do you (want to) work for Techspire?

“I am drawn to work for Techspire primarily because I believe it’s the place where I can evolve into the kind of developer I aspire to be. Techspire’s reputation for innovation and pushing the boundaries of technology aligns perfectly with my personal and professional goals. The company’s commitment to continuous learning and embracing cutting-edge technologies offers an ideal environment for me to grow and refine my skills. Furthermore, Techspire’s collaborative culture, which encourages sharing knowledge and ideas, seems like a fertile ground for not just honing technical expertise but also for developing soft skills that are crucial in today’s interconnected world.