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Introducing Rajat

Who are you?

Hi, I am Rajat, 38 years old and I was born in northern India in the province of Punjab, famous for its food which makes me a natural born foodie.

What would you like people to know about you?

I love travelling and outdoors. I love to just sit and observe little things around me while I am outdoors like birds, bees. I think this habit helps me with my work as well as I tend to notice little things. I am also a man of few words and I am a patient listener.

I have done masters in computer science and working in IT since 2006. I have played multiple roles through out my career and as long as the problem I am solving is interesting and challenging I am up for it.

Do you have a life motto? what is it?

My motto in life is "Progress, Not Perfection". I love the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. Quote from the book "All big things come from small beginnings"

What is the most "nerdy thing" about you?

I like binge watching shows specially the suspense and thrillers. Also I am nerdy curious about anything that interest me. I would spend hours researching about anything that I come across which I found interesting.

Do you have interesting hobbies?

I love cooking. I prefer vegetarian and can cook lot of North Indian vegetarian dishes.Thats my favourite thing to do on a lazy weekend to cook lavish meals with my wife.

Any bloopers in the past you would like to share?

I once went on a motorcycling trip in Himalaya’s. We lost our way, it got dark and it was not possible to return as it was too dangerous. So we had to spend whole night in freezing temperatures in a tent with a normal sleeping bag. Whole night I was just waiting for dawn and as soon as there was some light we packed our tent and left.

With what it problem should the person who read this, contact you immediately, as you cannot wait to solve it?

I love to do reverse engineering, digging in to legacy code and getting information out. I have worked in a number of migration and modernisation projects which required a lot of reverse engineering. So reach out to me if you need help with such problems.

Tell us any (weird) fun fact about you?

I am crazy about motorcycles. When I was in school my friend used to have very nice Yamaha motorcycle which I really liked and wanted it but couldn’t. So I decided I would buy this model as my first bike with my own money. By the time I started working after college that model of bike was discontinued but I searched for months and finally found the same model in resale market and bought it. Although it was not in very good shape and ended up spending a lot of money restoring it.

Why do you (want to) work for Techspire?

I love what I have heard/read and experienced about the company culture. I admire the companies work ethics and collaboration spirit. Its always a happy atmosphere and everyone is willing to help where they can. I look forward to becoming a valued contributor to this phenomenal team.