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Techspire Bonding in challenging times

In spite of the challenging times, Techspire is developing further. Positive changes are happening within the organisation, although some seem to be the best kept secret in these weird times. Time to go out and show & tell!

The Techspire team and partners voluntarily took on some new challenges; as teambuilding is of huge importance for a growing company to extend success, Techspire was ready to face new challenges. The start was with the typical Dutch weather.

The rain

Our day at the beach was not as they make it sound in the stories; the day started with strong rains already testing the motivation and spirit of the Techspire crew and partners.

Having faced that first obstacle, as is the rule with traditional Dutch weather, next was not more rain but actually some rays of sunshine. The sun was peeking in and building up strength. Just like our organisation is. Was this coincidence? At least for us it was the sign to face the next force of nature: the wind.

The Wind

Everyone who has visited the Techspire website knows that this force of nature is a stimulation for the passionate engineers of Techspire. The images of the kite surfers tell the story, and now we, as Techspire, were going to live the experience. We were going to work with the wind, using it’s force to our advantage..




With trial and error we developed the techniques to use the power of the ongoing storm to make our Power Kite do as we choose. We were using external strong forces to support and enlarge our actions. Often with the essential help of partners by our side, to support us and keep us grounded.





The wind even uplifted the ‘super-users’ among us – they were able to lift off for a few (mili-)seconds and were airborne. Confident they could let go for the moment and be grounded and secure the next.



The Sand

Having faced these forces of nature, the time was now to face some more intellectual and physical challenges as a team. Well two teams, as some positive competitiveness is nothing strange within Techspire and we needed an opponent.


This resulted in running, turning, catching balls and strategic thinking. Of course leading up to a very exciting counting of points and with a close call. Only one team could win.


The Bonding

Have worked hard, it was now time for getting back together and getting to know each other.

Now partners could leave their competitiveness on the beach and enjoy their meal together.
New Techspire colleagues were now able to bond even further with colleagues and partners.

The Future

Together we build on the foundation already laid out by the founders of this Tech company with passionate engineers. And that is not all, in the coming months new faces will participate and more news will soon be announced!

If you are interested in joining this great team or would like to hire us, contact us.


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