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Introducing Ash

Who are you?

Hi I am Ashkan, 34, born and raised in Tehran-Iran. I’ve recently migrated to the Netherlands and joined Techspire as a full-stack engineer.

What would you like people to know about you?

I had a childhood dream of being a doctor but later on I realized I wanted to be in the medical field because my parents are in it. So I ended up going for my own passion, computers, and I definitely don’t regret that! In fact, I enjoy being a programmer and love learning new things in tech all the time. If I had a chance to choose again I’d always go for computer engineerings.

Do you have a life motto? what is it?

If it’s not going to hurt anyone, just do it.

How are you surviving in this corona- time?

Well I used to think I am an introvert because the pandemic had no effect on my social life. I thought who needs people when I have everything at home. I kept myself busy with my computer during the pandemic, playing games watching movies or series etc. But then I started missing human interactions and socializing. But life in the pandemic was not that bad, I’ve started to learn to cook and watch those unfinished TV series I’ve promised myself I’ll finish one day.

Do you have interesting hobbies?

I like competitive video-games, specially Dota2. Usually people ask me if I am good at it and I say yes very much, but I am a noob. I used to play a lot of video-games but I don’t have enough time anymore, life gets in the way I guess. Now I just watch streamers play games on Twitch or play board games if I have my friends around.

Any bloopers in the past you would like to share?

I went to Malaysia to do my bachelors as a young clumsy boy always had his mommy taking care of him before. So one time I got hungry and went to the kitchen to make myself something. I found canned beans. Now my mind told me that I should be boiling that can before eating it. What my mind didn’t tell me was “don’t forget about it”. So long story short, I was playing games on my computer having my headphones on and then heard a boom sound. At first I didn’t think much of it but then my housemate came to my room and said “did you by any chance left a can of beans on the stove?” You will never forget about your canned food on the stove if you have to wipe concrete-like edibles off the roof.

With what it problem should the person who read this, contact you immediately, as you cannot wait to solve it?

I am good with JavaScript, or at least that’s what I’d like to think. So if you have any problem with your JS or TS projects in Vue.js, React or Node.js I’d really like to help. I might learn a thing or two from you along the way as well.

Tell us any (weird) fun fact about you?

I have a very weird and strong visual memory. Sometimes people wont believe even my parents but then I give them some clues and they say “how could you remember that, you were just a baby!”

Why do you (want to) work for Techspire?

Once you are working in IT industries, you know that after a while your job gets boring and every day’s routine becomes tiring. We all have been there. In Techspire your client, hence your job, keeps changing and new challenges makes you feel refreshed and important at the same time. Plus Techspire might be small for now but it is growing and is growing fast and wants you to grow with it. And that’s not some fancy slogan just to get you hired. They will train you, help you and push you to your limits until you achieve things you always wanted but didn’t have the discipline/resources to do so.