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Introducing Seemant

Who are you?

I am Seemant. Born and brought up in India. I don’t need a big reason to be happy, small things to make me happy e.g. completing a bike trip with no hassle, preparing food that turns out to be fantastic, meeting friends (unplanned), deciding something runtime, and not regretting it later.

What would you like people to know about you?

I have a positive mindset. My hard work and dedication help me go beyond my limits, toward the things that I love to do.

Do you have a life motto? what is it?

Ahh, maybe every morning or every month it gets updated, but the one I like the most is, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

What is the most “nerdy thing” about you?

I do like watching web series or shows (mostly action) – binge-watching.

Do you have interesting hobbies?

Before covid, my hobbies included a small vacation with family or a bike ride with friends, playing cricket but Covid changed many things and in that one was my hobbies, I started enjoying cooking (Indian Cuisine) and sometimes reading.

Any bloopers in the past you would like to share?

A lot, I don’t want to bring it here.

With what it problem should the person who read this, contact you immediately, as you cannot wait to solve it?

I am an easy-going person. I can join you and assist you in solving any problems you may face with Java and AWS Cloud. If you are OK, we can discuss other things which are not related to work too.

Tell us any (weird) fun fact about you?

I was staying with my friends in Bangalore and we went for a swim at 02:00 AM (it was quite chilling) after a long bike ride. We did it for some 5-6 times, then we stopped as one of us was down with fever.

Why do you (want to) work for Techspire?

Techspire collaborates with several well-known corporations so you can experience opportunities to learn about and from other cultures and customs while working alongside experts.