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The Techspire open Sjoelcompetition results

Hear hear!

On friday, october 29th of 2021, Techspire organized the regional and open Sjoel competition In Haarlem as part of the End of Months drinks, Dutch style. During the Sjoel competition, fullstack, backend, devops and backoffice teams competed for the title of Best Sjoel team Techspire, an honourable title with significant value. 😉

Tournament format

This very, very serious format required cowbell, lots of cowbell. Although we don’t allow people who are ill to join the office, many had a fever and the only prescription was… well. you probably know the answer. A lot of space was explored.

The tournament format:

  • all participants get 1 round with 3 turns
  • We use an official competition “sjoelbak”
  • we follow the Dutch, 2016 gamerules
    (we might not have followed everything really well, though…)

The tournament offered Dutch specialities like Snert, Haring, Bitterballen and stroopwafels. For Peter, we’ve included borrelnoten and the drinks were on the house. Mariska arranged the music with a great selection of typical Dutch music which was highly appreciated by all the competitors.


At the end of a fierce sjoel competition with many distractions, we could share the final results and honour our Sjoel stars.

Personal scores

Highscore! Save the best for last. Emmanuel was victorius with a score of 115 points. We suspect cheating obviously. For a first time player (evah) he did exceptionally well. He will not be invited again for a next tournament 😉

Second position was for Arjen (Hullie.) with a score of 103 points, he did well but his Snert was a lot better!

Third place, again the backend team, Michiel with a score of 99 points. He said he normally throws higher scores but we challenge this statement obviously. He could have been intoxicated by the wonderful Dutch music in the background.


The mighty Mariska in Action.

It became a lot more interesting when we added up the scores per team. We had 4 teams competing: Fullstack, Backend, DevOps and Backoffice.

Rank Team Score
1 Backoffice 358
2 Backend 340
3 Fullstack 338
4 DevOps DQ

With 2 scores in the personal top 3, everyone expected the backend team to take home the victory. It were the really good average scores thrown by the backoffice team which brought them victory. The Fullstack team, was a close third. The DevOps team was disqualified because they didn’t bring enough players to compete in the tournament. With an average score above 91+ they could have easily won. Probably they were to busy with their infrastructure. We can only advice them to automate everything!

Impression of the tournament

Next are a view pictures of the tournament. If you would like to join our next tournament, please send us a message for an invitation.