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Month in review: May 2022

Welcome at our monthly review of May 2022. Let me walk you through the things we did last month.


We welcomed 2 new Colleagues: Rajat and Seemant. Rajat joined the EoM drinks (End of Month) upfront of his official start and blew everyone away with his Jeu De Boules skills; first price!

May the forth be with you

A famous day for many engineers. We made a nice video with some spoilers about stuff we’re busy with.

check it here

We finished the day with Game night! Pizza + BYOG (Bring Your Own Game). All card and board games are allowed. We had a lot of fun throwing burrito’s at each other.

check it here


We published three new blogs this month:

  • Abdul wrote a technical blog about automation in IT and what it means. If you haven’t read it yet, click here.
  • Maryam wrote a powerful blog about what it means being a woman and an engineer in the IT industry. Highly recommended for all to read her personal story.
  • We interviewed Peyman, our new .NET engineer. In the interviewed he shared a bit about who is he, what he likes to do and also a few funny stories. Read his interview here!

Team days

With Covid behind us (hopefully permanent) we can come and do things together. In May 2 teams held team-days in the office where the Backend and devOps came together.

Conferences attended

yes, we can also attend conferences again. In May 2 of our Engineers went to Edgecase 2022 to dive deeper into Kubernetes.


A next class of engineers attended our blog training this month. The training was given by 2 professional journalists/copywriters. Check their post here.

Agile workshop

We finished the month of may with a full day company workshop on Agile given by Ben Linders. The full day review can be found here.

Tango festival

To end the month and a first step into the next month; we are sponsoring the Focus Tango festival in Amsterdam, June 10-12.

Check our post